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Our History

In 1952 a group of people met in White Sulphur Springs to discuss building a hospital. The program would be eligible as a Blue Cross and Blue Shield facility. Support for the facility came poured in from the local community. Meagher County residents purchased stock at $25 a share. Much of the actual construction was completed utilizing volunteer labor. Music students held a piano recital and the American Legion Auxiliary held a benefit party to raise funds. Individuals and families donated furnishings for patient rooms. A kitchen shower was held to collect utensils and equipment and a community sewing group made patient gowns and doctor’s scrubs. The hospital guild developed a plan for volunteers to keep the hospital clean once it was opened. A single check provided the necessary funds to complete the operating room and purchase equipment. The clinic was opened in 1953 to better negotiate for a doctor and finally on December 2, 1957 the hospital opened for business. A health care facility in White Sulphur Springs was truly a labor of love. Operational challenges in 1958 were much the same as they are today - unexpected expenses threatened the facility. Difficulties included: results from fire life safety surveys resulting in expensive repairs or modifications, problems finding enough nurses, and payment for services were slow in coming. During the '60s, the hospital faced closure from time to time but, with the community's help, survived each financial crisis one step at a time. In 1976 a 31 bed nursing home was added to the complex. The nursing home construction and activities addition were paid for by the Harmon Trust Fund. Marguerite Bair Lamb's last will and testament established the Charles M. Bair Memorial Trust in 1976 which allowed an annual gift to Mountainview Medical Center. A rural health clinic was opened in 1987 which was funded in large part by the Bair Trust. Renovation and remodeling of the hospital began in June of 2003, with more than half the funds needed for the project secured in advance. Fund raising and construction continued through most of 2004. The building project was completed in December of 2004. Today, Mountainview Medical Center is a surviving Critical Access Hospital in rural Montana. Services provided have changed in the past 50 years but MVMC is still here for the benefit of the Meagher County community members. 

Our Mission

To Provide Quality Healthcare to our Community

Our Services

Full-time Services

-24\7 Emergency Room
-Acute Care
-Long-Term Care
-Swing Bed

Ancillary Services

-Foot Clinic
-Eye Clinic


16 W. Main St. 
White Sulphur Springs, MT


Phone: (406)547-3321
Fax: (406)547-3589

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Site photos courtesy of
Rick Seidlitz